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How to Keep Your Piano Sounding Great: Servicing Electronic Pianos, Spinets, Steinways and Bösendorfers

It's been a great week here at Harding Piano Services. I love meeting new customers and catching up with existing ones. When you are on the road tuning and repairing pianos, you meet the most interesting people with amazing stories. I find tuning pianos the most peaceful and serene experience. For an hour or so, I listen intently and adjust the pins holding the strings ever so slightly to produce the best possible sound for that particular instrument.

And - it does not matter if I am working on an electronic system, spinet, Steinway or Bösendorfer - my approach is the same:

to optimize that particular pianos sound and response to the artist. Now the innate quality of an instrument will produce an incredibly varied outcome from instrument to instrument.

Whatever your piano needs, I will service it to the highest standards and bring it to its own voice. Schedule your appointment today!

The craftsmanship that is involved in making a Fazioli, let's say, to that of an upright piano for my children's lessons is vastly different; I'm giggling even writing this. If you are interested for example, in seeing what is involved in making one of the finest pianos in the world - the Bösendorfer - check out this video:

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