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Make the Most of Piano Lessons: Have Your Piano in Top Condition

I am a concert pianist and piano teacher as well as a certified piano technician. I have been playing the piano since childhood. Growing up, I practiced on our home piano which was a Mason and Hamlin cabinet grand. What I really appreciated about our piano was how stable it was in tuning. My parents had the piano regularly tuned - once/twice a year.

Given how much you are investing in piano lessons for your children or for yourself, it is so important to have your piano be in the best shape possible. It doesn't take much; just two or three visits from a professional piano technician to bring your piano to the pitch, tone and manufacturers's preferred settings.

Having a piano in tune and in optimal shape will create a more enjoyable experience for practicing. And guess what? If you have an enjoyable experience practicing, you will want to practice more consistently. And, if you practice more consistently, the better you will get. And, if you get better, the more you will want to practice. The cycle of getting better as a musician can be set off by having a piano that plays well and in tune.

So - at Harding Piano Services, we can schedule a piano tuning for you now and keep you on the schedule so that your piano is in the best shape possible. Let's get that piano in shape. You are paying for piano lessons. Why not take full advantage of having a piano that is well kept so that you can excel at and love playing the piano?

Benjamin Harding also gives piano lessons in person and online. Visit for more details.

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