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Affordable Piano Tuning Services for Piano Teachers: Get Your Instruments in Perfect Pitch Now

Not only am I a certified piano technician who is trying to excel in the craft each day, but I am also a piano teacher.

It is so important that as teachers we bring our very best to each lesson which includes the condition of our instruments in our homes and studios. In fact, the perceived value of a lesson increases exponentially when students and parents understand that lessons are taking place on a superiour instrument.

I have a dear friend who took this seriously and invested in a quality instrument in his studio. Once he invested in this piano, which is a Boston baby grand, his studio grew to the point where he has a waiting list. The increase in students paid for the instrument immediately and then added to his revenue. Students and families recommend him, of course, because of his superior teaching but also because when students come to his home, they play on an instrument that is concert ready. It is regularily tuned and maintained - I tune it and maintain it for him with my comprehensive studio package.

For piano teachers, I recommend that your piano is tuned at least 3 times a year. I provide a comprehensive studio package at a discounted rate. In fact, my goal is to service your piano in such a way that this service will get your piano to the point where it will attract more students to your studio and thereby gain revenue for your business. I believe that the future of music is in the hands of piano teachers and so I want to partner with you to bring the very best to your students.

Get in touch with me today to begin setting up a comprehensive studio package for your home and studio.

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