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The Importance of Regular Piano Maintenance for Optimum Performance.

There are around 8,000 parts in the action of a piano. The action of the piano is everything that contributes to the mechanical process that gets the hammer to string the strings.

Over time those parts can get out of sequence. It takes precision, craftsmanship and patience to get those parts working at their optimal level. You need a qualified and experienced piano technician to get your piano working at the highest level.

At Harding Piano Services, we specialize in those kinds of adjustments. We look at the whole of the piano and give you a detailed picture of where your piano is at from a mechanical perspective. Then we give you an upfront, clear picture on what your piano will need to get it to the proper settings.

Regular visits by a certified piano technician is necessary because they can give you real time feedback as to what your piano needs in the immediate and what it will need over time. At certain junctures piano technicians can solve issues that left unaddressed will result in expensive repairs down the road.

Let's get you scheduled today for regular tunings with Harding Piano Services.

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