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The Role of Joy in Achieving Precision and Understanding in Piano Tuning: Reflecting on the Life of Franz Mohr

My goal is to become a better piano tuner each time I put my lever on a pin. I practice at home and have master experts give me feedback on how I'm doing. Even though I am a certified piano technician that has been around pianos all of my life as a concert pianist, I want to achieve the best possible outcome in this trade; which is - to be the best piano technician I can be and to eventually become elite in this field. As a concert pianist, this is my goal too - to become the best I can be and to eventually develop in the craft as to become a quiet, elite force as a pianist and teacher.

Talk about a niche area and goals! Right?!?

Being in this field of piano tuning and repair one hears of elite tuners that have a nuanced set of skills which produce master results sought after by the world's great pianists and manufacturers. Of course I think of the late Franz Mohr of Steinway. When I was a freshman I had the opportunity to spend time with Mr. Mohr on working on a Steinway at my school. Franz Mohr was a master in this field.

What I remember most about Mr. Mohr was his joy in the trade. He loved to work on pianos. And, his joy was infused in everything he put his hand to. This joy had to do with his worldview. In his book, My Live with the Great Pianists, he explains where that joy, peace and contentment came from.

I think a lot about Mr. Mohr when I go into clients homes. I love what I do too! I hope that my joy and happiness brings a smile to the customer. I seek understanding of this trade in a cloud of joy and contentment. It's easier to find precision in my work while internal joy and satisfaction in the work is present.

I look forward to continuing to meet incredible and interesting people with each new client and customer. I look forward to serving you with joy, precision and understanding.

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