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We Live Here: Serving Philadelphia, Bucks County and Region

I am originally from New Brunswick, Canada. I came to the United States for university and conservatory training.

My wife is from Bucks county and much of her family still lives here.

I am a 4 for 4 sports fan. If you know what that means, you know what that means. I love this region, its people and history. Yes - I sometimes call in to sports talk radio. I think I'm going to establish a new handle when I call in

- Benjamin the Piano Tuner.

My kids consider this area home.

And so - whether I am in Elkins Park or Chambersburg or South Philly or Princeton - I consider this my community. I take my work very seriously and want to serve this area with excellence.

I am looking forward to meeting you as a new customer! Sign-up today for a piano tuning.

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