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"Why Tuning is Just the Beginning: The Key to Maintaining a Piano's Lifespan"

When a certified piano technician (like me! haha) tunes your piano, they check over your piano to make sure that it is operating the way it should.

When I tune a piano, I am making small adjustments to action parts, and taking note of what I can improve upon in my next visit. These adjustments are at no charge for the customer. I will align a key, space hammers, ease a bushing in the key so the key moves more freely and other small adjustments.

These and other small adjustments will save my customer and client money and extend the life of the piano parts.

Another crucial measurement is the measurement of relative humidity. Because the piano is made up of mostly wooden parts specifically designed and fitted precisely, changes in humidity cause the wood to either expand or shrink. Optimal relative humidity for a piano should be between 42 and 47 percent. Then I measure where the piano sits in terms of its general temperament.

These and other measurements allow me to advise my clients as to precise care for one of their most prized possessions.

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